My job experiences began since my university studies following my personal interests.


So, for some years, during early '70, I changed in a professional job my old interest for photography, beeing so lucky to have the opportunity of working at many areas of this activity, between art and technic, even getting some satisfactions as national photo contests prizes. During subsequent years I could use again most of knowledges acquired when involved into designing artificial vision systems where right lighting and viewing are 50% of final result.

Later, during university studies, I began my interest into High Fidelity, and started a new small job, installing and repairing private and public diffusion systems. Later I growed designing some professional electronics and complete systems. In the same time I started working as freelance with two of the most important monthly national magazines: "Suono HiFi" and "Stereoplay", for which I wrote some articles and had a fixed section up to '79.


In 1978 began my interest into microprocessors and microcomputers. This technology was very young and my job, during university studies, started in the same time using two components very different each other: Texas Instruments TMS9900 and Rockwell R6502. The first was used in my degree work, the other for my initial professional devices.

My degree work presented at final test in 1980 was titled: "designing and building of a microcomputer for management purposes". To develop it I designed and built the CPU board (based on TMS9900 6 bit microprocessor), a memory board, a floppy disk interface board for a smart 8" driver. As a demo I also designed internal firmware with a number of functions like: limited number disk file manager with basic list, create, delete commands; a simple text editor screen oriented to write text pages, save them on the disk, retrieve from disk. It was a very difficult job (in those years and all Assembler composed) that was very much appreciated by the final test commission. Texas TMS 9900 was very advanced microprocessor (maybe too much for that era) with an highly flexible structure, very simple to handle using assembler language but even ready to use advanced languages.

The Rockwel R6502, a derivative of former Motorola M6800, was a modern microprocessor, very fast, that was the basic component for my first jobs, as a consultant of national distributor and as project designer for some companies involved into security systems. First autonomous microprocessor based security systems installe in Italy were built using CPU and graphic video interface boards that designed by myself, between the end of '70 and beginning of '80. Systems were installed into very important sites like Data Centers, industrial factories etc.

During this time part of my time was even dedicated (and the same would be during later years downto '96) to support the job of the family shop (top seller of electronic components) daily managed by my fahter. This shop growed up during the years and began one of the most important in the Rome market, so full of electronic dedicated companies. General politics of the shp was to assure prompt availability of professional components to the customers, without discarding the srvice to hobbysts. My job was to indentify tendencies of the market, planning buying strategy, selecting complete instruments and kits, offer technical help to customers.

When got the degree, I was selected by Italsiel (government information technology company) and attended their training courses for modern standard programming practices in management and administrative systems. It was a quite interesting job but that I felt "tight" for me. So I found a new job to make use of my deep interest for engineering and all scientific and technological aspects of our life. This was my first job as employer as project engineer for microprocessor systems.

Sometime, during these years, I often was teacher in very training courses, for private companies of public institutions like Rome University, District and Municipality.