Main customers


Italian Defence Ministry:
Customer for which during my job in SETEIN I projected and cured since '91 the building of an highly advanced remote controlled handling system based on antropomorphous robots. The system was conceived for laboratory purposes in the explosive material field. It's main characteristics are high precision e smooth movements together with high simplicity of use even by unexperienced personnel. Recently a new system was projected for the opening of hand bombs containers and subsequent disassembling of ammunitions with a very high security level for the operators.

SMAE (Pirelli group, Battipaglia)
Revolutionary contactless measurement system named ALFA183. It was based upon video cameras, digitizers and a computer and devoted to measure exact dimensions of rubber made products (furnishing elements for car glasses and doors).

An evolution of ALFA183 system named EAGLE with advanced components capable of check up to 8 production lines and remotely print image of the measured piece with related quotes.

PIRELLI Accessori Industriali (Milano)
Development of an electronic central unit devoted to automatic levelling system for car suspensions. The system check the distance between the car and the road and act on the compressed air spring to keep constact the level.

ABB distribuzione (Santa Palomba)
An automatic soldering robot for energy power line capacitors that growed up the production level of that division from 3 to 15 unit/day. An automatic system for checking the correct drying and short circuit test procedure of high voltage energy distribution transformers. Some measuremenett stations for big transformers conformity tests.

ITALSIEL (Finsiel group)
Electronic devices for building up of special high technology teaching rooms. These devices work as a real big matrix capable of switch the signal of each computer and monitor in the room as an hardware network. These devices were also installed at LUISS private university, Italian Health Ministry, Italian Government Account Council, Rome Ciampino and Fiumicino airport. For the same customer were also designed some new, computer based conference room audio/video network systems.

For this customer were built and installed many cartesian robots to dowload pieces from cutting machines and a production line data logger.

TRW S.p.A.
An automatic robotic device for car steering wheels testing was designed and built while other similar systems were trimmed for new job.

ALCANTARA S.p.A. (ENI group)
Electronic contact and contactless systems to check many characteristics of the produced famous material like density, width, height and to cut the material borders.

Istituto della Nutrizione (CONI – ISEF)
National Nutritional Institute for which were designed and built many scientific research special instruments and control systems, sport research data loggers.Control and stabilizing systems for some training tapis roulant. Air and environment parameters data collection for the new Direct Calorimetric Room, the first in Europe, used during researches on human methabolism.

Ospedale Cardarelli (Napoli)
Laboratory systems and a new distributed device used for treatment and disinfecting of waste waters

AGRISIEL (Finsiel group, general division)
Projecting and installation of internal medium and big size LANs in many buildings of same company and Italian Agricultural Ministry central and remote sites (Ispettorati Repressioni Frodi, Ispettorati CITES, Istituti di Frutticoltura, Ceralicultura, Zootecnia). Computer based conference room audio/video network systems.

Park System (Roma)
Input access control systems for private car parking areas.

AGRISIEL (Finsiel group, AIMA division)
Network based Image enhancement and collection system used in the new National Data Base of wine and oil production areas.

Selene Control System
Many electronic systems to drive and control small and big light panels, games and other devices used in prime time nationwide tv shows.

Manuli Cavi and Alcatel Cavi (Cable production companies)
A number of special remote controlled meter counter devices.

University of Rome, Italy
Experimental system based on predictive interpolation algorithm for very fast temperature measurement in highly corrosive liquids.

ELMER (Pomezia)
Robotic machine for automatic insertion of small pin on printed circuit boards used in high frequency communication equipments.

Enertek S.r.l. (Napoli)
Energy saving devices designed for reducing energy consumption of public lighting plants of roads, tunnels, highways, airports, industrial buildings etc.