During years and companies I worked in I projected cured the development of very much electronic and electromechanic system for civil applications. Hereafter some examples.

Votx: famoly of voting systems conceived for the use during main tv shows. They use small keyboards or single pushbuttons at the spectator's chairs and are connected to the central controller (computer based) through a group of microprocessor based smart collectors. Central controller provide also graphical output presentation.

PanelFlex: special graphical lighting panels designed to show images on hard and flex surfaces (background or curtain). Both b/w and colour version were developed, with incandescent lamps or LEDs up to 25.000 pixels on 80 mq.

PanelNeon: scene background systems based on a great number of big (1mt x 1mt) neon based "pixels". "Pixels" are intensity controlled by a huge number of microprocessor (up to 200 in one plant) and a central controller computer.

All above systems were used in the main tv shows of public tv company (RAI) during 1985 to 1995 years.


CloralSystem: automatic disinfection system for "dirty" waters in hospital site. Special dosing pumps get sodium cloride from containers ans spray in the ducts. System has a remote controlled diagnosis system with automatic GSM transmission.


Cardarelli Hospital, Napoli


Demo system showed during a special meeting at Rome University La Sapienza

 Controllo varchi di accesso

Stein, when I was the director, was the first company to propose to the municipalities the installation of an access control system for historical center of cities (so common in Italy) and car forbidden areas.

The proposed system provided passive sensors, surveillance cameras, and an automatic pass bar group for rescue vehicles.


Distar e Vring: special devices for handling of computer video signals used in high technology teaching rooms. Both have very high performances and differ only in the max site number. The graphical command console is designed for the simplest use. (Finsiel group)