This is the field in which, during the first part of my professional career in electronics, I got, former in AMC and later in STEIN companies, a great experience, in many "worlds" : from textile to rubber, from electrotecnic to automotive. My way to the job was ever helping the customer to solve his production problem instead of acting as a simple device, machine or system seller. Experience, professional skill, flexibility were always my main features. Projects I developed made use of highly sofisticated tecnologies choosen among which identified as enough mature for an industrial use. Impact of the systems on the everyday life of factories was always kept in its right role. Artificial vision, magnetic, mechanics, acoustical sensors, high precision transducers were common components for these projects. Hereafter some examples:

Eagle: no contact computer controller measurement system. Highly advanced in those years (1983) was designed to dimensionally check rubber profiles for automotive industry. Allow to a single operator to check products from up to 8 production lines even printing an internal quality control certificate. (AGES, Torino)



Dalog: famly of microprocessor based data logger systems. Programmable with digital I/O and 12 bit analog Inputs, has local memory buffer and can provide special cycle for automatic periodic testing and/or trimming of input sensors. (National Research Institute for Human Nutrition)

Elecon: computer based supervisor system for great electrical plants. Check hundreds of switches, sensors, alarms, meters, with a user graphical interface. Allow remote powering, remote measurements and statistics for programmed manteinance. (Roma, Nuovo Tribunale civile 1985)


 Densimat: automatic density measurement system. Digitized video camera based is devoted to textile factory. It computes density curve and grams/mq, check for defects and collect all together with other datas printing a quality certification of production block. (Alcantara)

Trafotest: security control system used during final check of medium and high voltage power transformers for energy distribution. It detects a potential fault before could be destructive. It has automatic trimming and can check 6 units at the same time. (Ansaldo transformers, Pomezia)

Fibermat: artificial vision based control system. Cameras provided in the system continually measure and check the quantity of material in many points of the production line. Fully automatic give alarm signal to operator and stop the line in case of potential destructive faults.

Laspe: check length and width of felt driving border cutting with high precision. Really simple to use by the operators get big material saving.